Buffet Menus

Seafood paella
lobster, bay scallops, calamari, local cherry tomatoes, peas, charred scallions,
sausage (optional)

Whole roasted tenderloin w/Demi glaze

Roasted vegetables
zucchini, mushrooms, red onion, bell peppers

Kale salad
pomegranate seeds diced apple, pine nuts, pecorino romano cheese, lemon olive oil dressing

Fresh bread

Menu two

Pan seared fish of your choice

Grilled chicken

With choice of a sauce for both proteins:
Caramelized Miso butter w/scallions
Red curry sauce
Creamy lemon parsley
Fresh herb vinaigrette

Roasted garlic green beans and local cherry tomatoes

Olive oil and herbed couscous or orzo

Citrus salad
mixed greens, sesame clusters, citrus segments, dijon vinaigrette

Dinner Party Menus

Menu One

Citrus cured tuna
Caribbean crab fritter with chipotle aioli
Hanger steak with charred scallion sauce and smashed fingerling potatoes Key Lime Pie

Menu Two

Citrus salad with sesame clusters and Dijon vinaigrette
Leek soup with shoestring potatoes and fried herbs
Prosciutto, pickled melon, and burrata
Seared scallops hazelnuts and warm sun gold tomatoes with parmesan cauliflower puree Dark chocolate salted caramel tart

Finger Foods

Dates with goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto

Creamy spinach artichoke stuffed mushrooms

Southern Style Crab Cakes

Tenderloin sliders

Sausage stuffed mini bell peppers


Raspberry brie puff pastry bites

Boneless buffalo chicken bites with blue cheese

Shrimp cocktail

Asian chicken pot stickers

Truffled lobster mac and cheese

Marinated watermelon and feta with a fresh blackberry on skewers

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce